Affordable family lawyers

Finding affordable family lawyers will be important for you both prior to and following separation.

Of course, affordability is not the only factor. The family lawyer who is right for you will be experienced in family law. He or she will be ready to advise you about the best way for you to resolve your family law issues, whether that be obtaining  a family law property settlement, parenting order, parenting plan, spousal maintenance or  some other resolution.

Our team at LGM Family Law are very mindful that the time when you are obtaining our services is very likely one of the most if not the most difficult periods of your life.

Our goal is to assist you to resolve your family law issues in a cost effective and timely manner taking account of the requirements under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth)  whilst  targeting elements that are significant for you, whether that be in relation to divorce, child custody arrangements, property settlement or some other concern.

Contact our family lawyers Brisbane and family lawyers Northside  (Ph.: 07 3506 3651) for assistance in resolving your family law issues.  We specialise in family law and provide practical, effective advice.  We will aim to obtain a consent order for you for parenting or property matters but if you need ot go to court, we have the experience to represent you effectively. You are also welcome to read on ….

How do we go about achieving our goal for you?

Affordable family lawyers will provide you with estimates of your fees or fixed fees for each stage of your family law process. Our family lawyers Brisbane and family lawyers North Brisbane  when meeting with you will take your details and before commencing work, we will provide you with our fee proposal. We offer fixed fee divorce and fixed family law fees are available for some other services depending upon what it is that you are requiring.  Understanding what you can expect in family law fees gives you peace of mind and helps you to plan for your future.

One important element in your controlling family law fees spend is reaching agreement with your former partner in a timely manner. Where possible, you will do this without going to court. Our divorce lawyers and family lawyers will prioritise for you where practicable obtaining a consent order, whether this be for parenting arrangements, family law property settlement or spousal maintenance.  If you obtain a consent order, you do not have ot go to court but instead the application for consent order is filed through the Registry of the family courts.

Affordable family lawyers will also encourage you to attend mediation, arbitration or some form of conciliation process with your former partner earlier rather than later if negotiations through correspondence are not productive.

Our family lawyers Brisbane and North Brisbane family lawyers are ready to assist you to obtain your best available outcome, giving you the freedom to get on with life!