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Putting kids first is something that we as parents like to think is what we do. We bring our children into the world naturally wanting what is best for them.  We make careful decisions, often after having done thorough research. We choose what school our children will attend, what suburb is best to live in offering them the best access to parks and bikeways and concerning a myriad of other things with putting our kids first being our foremost concern. We want to offer them the very best of opportunities and life experiences so that they may grow up happy and confident within themselves.

For parents who are united, many of these choices will be challenging. Of course, we don’t always have the same ide of what is best for our children.

Where parents are separated, putting kids first remains a priority but quite suddenly, the world is a very changed one. It can be difficult to navigate your way through a separation and harder still in a new world of separate households to always understand what may be best for your children.

A parenting plan or court orders providing for parenting arrangements can assist in providing certainty for both parents and children as to the parent with whom children spend time during  special days such as Easter public holidays, Christmas and birthdays. The Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) provides that when a Court is deciding whether to make a particular parenting order, the best interests of children is the paramount consideration as to the orders to be made (section 60CA FLA). Section 60CC FLA sets out matters which the Court must consider in deciding what is in children’s best interests.

Whilst a parenting plan or court orders may specify the parent with whom children live or spend time over any particular period, no court order can ensure that children have the opportunity to move between parents households in a healthy way. It is often only parents who can ensure that for children.

Children pick up on any tension between parents even where parents are not openly hostile towards each other. A tense environment can be made much worse for children however where a parent is making derogatory comments to the child or within the child’s presence about the other parent. That kind of tension and stress for children can result in anxiety and worse for children.

As a separated parent, one of the most loving and mature things that you can do for your children is to show your children that you have a positive attitude towards the other parent and to be supportive of the children spending time with that other parent.  This is really about putting kids first!

At LGM Family Law, we are aware that for some parents, dependent upon what may have occurred within the family unit, showing that kind of support may be very difficult. There will be some situations where it is in the best interests of children that they do not have contact with a parent. However, those are extreme cases.

In the more usual situation, putting kids first means ensuring that the children can have a meaningful relationship with both parents. At Easter and all the time then, strive to facilitate the children’s relationship with the other parent. Help to make changeovers free of stress for them, so that they may move happily between your households.  

If you need expert assistance to resolve parenting issues or regards any area of family law, contact our experienced Brisbane child custody lawyers or our child custody lawyers Brisbane Northside. We can assist you with all aspects of family law, including regards parenting arrangements and family law property settlement.  We offer an initial call with one of our family lawyers Brisbane without charge. At that time you can obtain advice concerning what is most concerning you. We also provide fixed rate longer consultation where we can provide you with detailed advice, tailored to your circumstances.  

The information set out in this blog is not a substitute for legal advice. We recommend that you obtain advice tailored to your particular circumstances from our child custody lawyers Brisbane or our child custody lawyers North Brisbane.

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