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Family law legal costs treatment in property settlement

Family law legal costs can become a vexed issue when it comes to determining how they will be treated in a family law property settlement. It often happens that a person will obtain some family law legal advice before separation from their partner takes place.  At LGM Family Law, our experienced Brisbane divorce lawyers recommend […]

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Child’s name change after separation

Child’s Name Change after separation A parent may for a variety of reasons wish to obtain a child’s name change following a separation. In this blog, we explore how the family courts approach such an application. If you have issues regards a child’s name change or any child custody arrangements following separation, our Brisbane family […]

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Changing a child’s surname | separation

Changing a child’s surname after parent’s separation Are you thinking of changing a child’s name after separating from the other parent? Does your former partner want to change your child’s name?  After separation or divorce , it not uncommon for a former spouse to want to revert to their maiden name. Other times, that person […]

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Children Need Both Parents on Separation

A reason you may considering taking your former partner through the Family Law Courts is because of your children. At LGM Family Law, our Child Custody Lawyer’s often recognise the importance of both parents in the child or children’s lives, irrespective of the tension or hostility between them. In this post, we will briefly answer why […]

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Family law property division

Family law property division Family law property division is going to be important for you to address following separation from your former partner.  At LGM Family Law, our divorce lawyers Brisbane and North Brisbane divorce lawyers will often recommend that divorce is deferred until the family law property settlement is completed. Whether that is done […]

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Conflict between parents| parenting orders

CONFLICT BETWEEN PARENTS AND PARENTING ORDERS Is your child being exposed to conflict arising from your separation? During relationships and particularly in regard to parenting of children, people can have different views of what is best for their child. Whilst parents are in the relationship, they will often work together to come up with a […]

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Divorce process | Getting on with your life

Divorce process is going to be important for you to consider following separation. You should not feel under pressure in that you cannot anyway apply for divorce generally or initiate the divorce process until you have been separated for 12 months. Our Brisbane divorce lawyers and divorce lawyers North Brisbane have the experience to arrange […]

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Divorce settlement | family law property settlement

A family lawyer Brisbane is one advisor whom we recommend that you consult early on about divorce settlement following separation and parenting arrangements.  In this blog, we look at some factors that we as especially important when considering property settlement following separation. We do however have a lot of information for you in other blogs […]

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Child custody dispute and what you should not do

A child custody dispute often involves high emotion amongst parents and understandably so. Parents are trying to reach agreement about what the living arrangements will be for their children after divorce or separation.  Even where parents are quite amicable, child custody lawyers in Brisbane see that this process can be very difficult for parents. If […]

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