At LGM Family Law, we work closely with clients and achieve outcomes that give them and their families stability and certainty to move forward in life.


  • We are a specialist family law firm and we take pride in keeping up to date with this complex area of law which is constantly evolving. You benefit because Family Law and Relationship Law is all that we do.
  • We are dedicated to our commitment to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.
  • We ensure that you understand the legal process and develop strategies for ensuring that you maximize your prospects for that best possible outcome.
  • We listen to you and ensure that we understand your goals, values and needs so that our advice is tailored for your unique circumstances.
  • We provide you with options and support so that you are in control and ready to make informed decisions.
  • We provide strong legal representation, treating all parties involved and their lawyers with respect. In turn, we insist upon your being treated respectfully. We will not allow your former partner to pressure or intimidate you in the process of reaching a final agreement.
  • We offer initial consultations at a fixed cost of only $242 (including GST), including our Separation Action Plan which is settlement focused and addresses how each stage of your matter will be managed.
  • We speak openly about our costs; we work to keep costs to a minimum. One way that we do this is by being focused on reaching an amicable agreement for you with your former partner or spouse.
  • If court action becomes necessary, we will be robust in presenting your case.
  • Our priority is to achieve an outcome that reflects your values and needs, leaving you free to get on with living!