Best family lawyers Brisbane. If you are searching for a firm that is amongst the best family lawyers Brisbane, you need to consider what is important to you in a lawyer.

At LGM Family Law, we understand that you are going through one of the most challenging times a person can face.

It is important for your future that you are able to resolve your family law issues and get on with life as soon as possible. Whilst you are still waiting to finalise parenting arrangements or to settle property division, it is difficult to plan for your personal and financial future.

You will need a lawyer who is not only experienced in family law but who is motivated to achieve the best outcome that is available to you at family law in a timely manner. So what should the best family lawyers Brisbane offer you?

No lawyer can promise you that your family law issues will be resolved quickly. The time that it takes to reach final resolution of your family law matter will depend upon a number of factors, including the position taken by your former partner and your former partner’s willingness or otherwise to engage constructively in the family law property settlement process.

However, we will be proactive in endeavouring to negotiate final agreement with your former partner.  If it becomes apparent that your former partner is not willing to negotiate in a reasonable manner, we will be prompt in providing you with your options how to otherwise obtain a final family law property settlement and/or final agreement concerning parenting arrangements.

Contact us if you require a family lawyer who is amongst the best family lawyers Brisbane. At LGM Family Law, we offer free legal advice during your initial call with us and a longer fixed fee initial consultation. We will always endeavour to negotiate final agreement for you with your former partner. If court action becomes necessary for you, we have the experience to represent you.