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Affidavit evidence family law

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Mental health issues & parenting Orders

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Order returning children. When will this be made?

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Long term marriage and property division

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Family Counselling and Parenting Orders

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re-open parenting proceedings

When is it possible to re-open parenting proceedings?

An application tore-open parenting proceedings where orders have previously been issued must be carefully considered before it is filed. There must be circumstances which will warrant the Court in re-opening a case.  Dependent upon the circumstances, there may even be a case for an order for costs against an applicant who brings such an application […]

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Airport Watchlist and preventing children from leaving Australia

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Court behaviour in family law cases

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Lying in Court: Consequences in family court

LYING IN COURT. WHAT CAN HAPPEN IF A PARTY CONCEALS ASSETS IN A FAMILY LAW PROPERTY DIVISION? Before a division of property can be agreed by parties following a divorce or separation, it is important that the extent of the assets and liabilities that are available to be divided is agreed. If you have been […]