Separation Checklist

What Does the Separation Checklist Cover?

There are a number of practical steps to consider on separation. If you are separating, our free to download guide will discuss with you the following:

  1. The date of separation and why it is important;
  2. Flight risks;
  3. The marital home;
  4. Domestic violence;
  5. Child support;
  6. Counselling;
  7. Property;
  8. Passwords;
  9. Sensitive information;
  10. Nominated beneficiaries;
  11. Estate planning; and
  12. Financial advice.

When Should I Get Legal Advice?

Our recommendation to anyone going through separation or thinking about separation is that they get family law advice as soon as possible.

Our firm offers fixed-fee services and are able to provide you with an initial consultation. The purpose of the initial consultation is to identify the immediate legal issues of concern and assist you in navigating separation and the family law process. If you wish to speak to a dedicated family lawyer and obtain immediate advice which is particular to your circumstances and/or organise an initial consultation, call us on (07) 3506 3651.