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LGM’s Family Lawyers Brisbane Queensland

Our Family Lawyers Brisbane Queensland deal with a broad range of family related issues, which include but are not limited to marriage, de factochildren and property settlement. Our family law firm primarily focuses on assisting clients with separation, divorce, child custody, parenting arrangements, child support and property settlements.

If you are someone who is experiencing problems in one of these areas, or in another area of family law, you should call LGM Family Law today to book in for an appointment. We provide all new clients a free, no-obligation 15 minute phone consultation.

North Brisbane Family Lawyers

About Us

We are a family law firm that is responsive to your personal goals, values and needs and committed to achieving the best outcome available for you.


We have the skills, knowledge and strategies to help you through this difficult stage and to plan for your future so that you may move forward in life.


We understand that your children are your priority. We will assist you with making arrangements that are right for you and your family.


We have the knowledge and expertise to help resolve your family law property issues in a cost effective and efficient manner, taking into account your priorities.


We provide advice you need to make necessary decisions that are best for you and to ensure that you comply with important time limits following divorce.

Your Family Lawyers Brisbane Queensland

Our team of experienced lawyers have assisted people from all across Brisbane, Queensland as well as from interstate and overseas. We recognise that our clients are often coming to us at a time in their lives which is very difficult. We promise to provide our clients with a service that is professional, effective and  trustworthy.  As your choice in legal representation for your family law matter, we promise you that we will treat you and your family law matter with care and respect.

When you visit our Grange or Brisbane, CBD office, you can expect that we will know who you are, that we will take the time to know the details regarding your family law matter and that you will receive careful advice regarding the outcome that you are wanting to achieve.  This way we can assist you in the best way possible and work towards an amicable outcome, whilst also delivering on your goals.

Our Team

There is one key consideration you should have before approaching a law firm and that is finding a lawyer who is suited to your needs. A lawyer should be someone who provides legal advice, non-legal advice and can advocate effectively for you on your behalf. People choose LGM Family Law because we are a firm that cares about our clients and want to see the best outcome available for them.

Lezah Gildea-Marega and Kiah Gant are two very experienced lawyers at LGM Family Law. Lezah has assisted clients in complex property settlement disputes, domestic violence cases, arrangements for children and much more. Kiah has represented her clients in a broad range of family law matters, as well as proving herself as a strong advocate for her clients before the court. Our team at LGM Family Law is one you can count on for being efficient and effective when it comes to assisting you in your family law matter.

Proceeding with Your Family Law Matter

When you call LGM Family Law for the first time, you will receive a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation. This gives you the chance to find some answers to questions that are giving you immediate concern. Further, it provides our solicitors with an opportunity to learn about you, why you require our services and to determine how you should best proceed.

At the end of this phone consultation, we often recommend for you to book an Initial Consultation, which is where you will meet with one of our experienced family lawyers for advice as to how to proceed with your family law matter. As we will have already obtained some information from you during the initial call, we will focus on how the law operates in your circumstances, the possible pitfalls you may encounter and will provide you with a road map to assisting you in resolving your family law matter. We offer initial consultations in person or over the phone or by skype as you prefer.

What to Expect

The Initial Consultation is a confidential meeting between you and an experienced family lawyer whose purpose is to learn about you and the issues you are facing. Your lawyer in this meeting will provide you with important practical legal advice and options that are available to you. We recognise the importance for you of being able to do this as soon as possible so that you may make progress with your matter and get on with life.

Getting Started

We recommend that you call us and obtain your free 15-minute phone consultation before booking an appointment. If you’re located anywhere in Brisbane, you can visit our office in the Grange which has free nearby parking or our office in the city, located at Level 22, 127 Creek Street, Brisbane CBD.

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