Step-child maintenance

STEP-CHILD MAINTENANCE – Can the Child Support payments you receive or which you are required to pay for your biological children be reduced as a result of an obligation to pay
step-child maintenance?

Provisions within the Family Law Act (Cth) 1975 enable a parent or carer to apply to the Court seeking that a step-parent make payments towards the ongoing care of a step-child after the parties have separated. This is a little known but confronting prospect for a person coming into a relationship with a party who has children of a previous relationship – a common occurrence in today’s society. Some comfort can be taken by these people in the knowledge that applications of this type and findings in favour of step-child maintenance are somewhat rare. – For a detailed explanation of the relevant factors see our blog article “Child Maintenance for a Step-Parent

However, equally concerning for biological parents is the prospect of a claim by the other parent that they should not have pay for their biological child due to their care of a step-child.

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In a recent case heard at the Federal Circuit Court of Australia in Melbourne by Judge Bender, a Father’s made an application that he be credited for payments previously made towards the care of his  biological children as a result of his claimed obligation to provide step-child maintenance. His Honour found that the claim was without merit and dismissed the Application.

The Judge relied on the finding of a higher Court which provided that the Father’s application did not meet the requirements for the outcome he sought as it neglected other factors that needed to be included in the application.

In response to the finding of Judge Bender, the Father sought to have the decision overturned in the Family Court Appeals division. In the case titled Eames & Eames [2018] FamCAFC 204, the Appeal was considered and dismissed and consequently the Father was ordered to pay the Mother legal fees.

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