Whether to separate or divorce

For many people, the decision whether or not to separate or divorce is not one that is easily made.

Most of us enter a relationship with a commitment to see each other through the good and the not so good times. That desire to see the relationship endure is generally only increased by the news of a child. It’s not surprising then that when the relationship is threatened by difficulties that a couple may face, the prospect of separation or divorce exacts a heavy burden in itself on a couple.

If you are considering whether to separate or divorce, it is worthwhile considering that research in this area has suggested that many people who separate or divorce, even those who go on to find a new fulfilling relationship, will often regret that they did not make more effort to ensure the success of their earlier relationship.   Of course, that is not always possible but this is worthwhile at least bearing in mind.

Where a couple is facing relationship difficulties, it is advisable to seek counselling, individually and where possible, as a couple. Your general practitioner will be able to provide referrals for you and if appropriate, a mental health plan.  Places such as Relationships Australia are also very helpful with providing relationship and family counselling as well as many other services that you may find helpful.

Whilst we recommend that you seek legal advice early and, where possible, prior to separation, you will likely not wish to broach issues surrounding separation with your former partner unless and until the decision to separate on a final basis is taken.  However, obtaining family law advice early on in the process will assist you to know where you stand should you separate as well as providing you with knowledge regards steps that are recommended for you to take early on in the process of separation.

If you would like some practical family law advice including regards options available to you on separation, contact our experienced Brisbane divorce lawyers or our divorce lawyers North Brisbane. We can assist you in all areas of family law, including regards final family law property settlement, maintenance claims and parenting arrangements. We will advise you regards likely outcomes for your particular circumstances so that you can make an informed decision as to how you wish to resolve your family law issues. You are also welcome to read on for further information right now………

Many people will of course already made a final decision to separate or divorce when they take the decision to seek family law advice. It is important in approaching negotiations with your former partner, whether directly or through solicitors, to bear in mind, particularly where you have children from the relationship, the importance of maintaining a respectful relationship, even if somewhat distant, with your former partner post separation. Your object should be to resolve your family law issues as soon as possible so that you can get on with living. The health or otherwise of the post separation relationship with your former partner may well have a bearing upon your general level of contentment post separation. Remember, you can bring your legal relationship to an end but where children are involved, it is going to be important for your children’s well being that yo are able to successfully co-parent your children post separation.

Contact our divorce lawyers Brisbane or divorce lawyers Brisbane Northside for legal advice concerning your decision to separate and regards any family law issues.  Our goal is to assist our clients to reach
an agreement with your former partner without the need to go to Court. If however court action becomes necessary, we have the experience to represent you at Court.

The information set out in this blog is not a substitute for legal advice. We recommend that you obtain advice regarding your decision to separate tailored to your particular circumstances from our Brisbane divorce lawyers
or our divorce lawyers Brisbane Northside.