Forgive and forget!

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Forgive and forget! When your partner lets you down or disappoints you, whether you can do that – forgive and forget- not just the once but over and over can be a big indicator of whether your relationship can stand the test of time. This seems to be one message from relationship experts. It makes sense though we all understand that it is easier to forgive and forget the small things. The bigger tests for a couple arise when one partner may offend deeply held beliefs or values of the other person.

As family lawyers, it is not uncommon for us to see situations where one person may long just to forgive and forget. It may be that they wish that their former partner could forgive them. If that is your situation, then it is surely worth it to do what is necessary to find out if the relationship can be redeemed. Of course, if there is a situation of abuse, it is important that the abused person and children are protected against the risk of abuse continuing. Where children are involved, in the absence of abuse, research supports that they benefit if parents are able to remain living together. That is only true it seems however if parents are able to maintain a positive atmosphere in the home. For some people who would otherwise wish to separate, that may be possible. If that is not your situation though, it is wise to consult experts on the effect on children of living in a stressful environment. You may conclude that it is better for your children that they spend time with each parent in a separate household where the children can relax.

Your doctor will be able to refer you to an appropriate professional to help you work through the best options for your family. The idea of “forgive and forget” may be what you want to achieve but obtaining professional advice or counselling can help you with how to make that concept work for you. You may also like to find out about the services offered by Relationships Australia to help you through relationship difficulties.

However, your situation may be that “forgive and forget” is no longer an option for you. If you are needing to separate or have done so, contact our family lawyers Brisbane or our family lawyers Brisbane Northside for practical advice. We can assist you to resolve your family law issues, whether parenting or property settlement, without the need to go to court. We do however have the experience to represent you in court if you are needing to start a legal action or to defend an action by your former partner.