Fixed price consent orders

Fixed price consent orders may be one of your main concerns when you are considering engaging a family lawyer. At LGM Family Law, we understand that when you are facing separation, it is likely a very difficult time for you and of the utmost importance for you to be able to control the amount of your spend on legal fees.

Contact us at LGM Family Law (Ph. 07 3506 3651). Depending upon your situation, our family lawyers Brisbane and North Brisbane family lawyers can offer you fixed fees for assisting you to obtain consent orders.

How do we determine the level of fixed fees?

Our accredited family law specialist or one of our experienced family lawyers will meet with you to obtain your personal details and to hear from you what are your priorities and what it is that you want to achieve.  The initial meeting is provided to you at a fixed price.

You may be particularly concerned to know that following separation, your children’s lives will be disrupted as little as possible and that parenting orders made  will help them feel secure and loved.  If you are needing to obtain a family law property settlement, you may have remaining in the family home as a priority. Whatever your goals may be in obtaining fixed price consent orders, we will give full consideration to how we can assist you to obtain consent orders that provided you with your best available outcome.

Once we have that information from you, we will provide you with our fee structure for the first stage of your matter, tailored to your particular family law needs.

If the scope of the work that is to be done changes, we will provide you with a varied fixed fee agreement to take account of those changes. The scope of work can change for example where you decide that you wish to pursue a different outcome than you first advised us or where legal issues arise that are not contemplated by the initial instructions that you may have given us.

Our Brisbane divorce lawyers and North Brisbane divorce lawyers have the experience necessary to assist you to resolve your family law issues, including regards fixed price consent orders for parenting arrangements or property division, child custody, parenting arrangements, child support, family law property settlement, superannuation splits or spousal maintenance.

Contact us at LGM Family Law (Ph. 07 3506 3651) and let our divorce lawyers and family lawyers help you to finalise your family law concerns so that you can get on with life.