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Making Parenting Arrangements for Fathers Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching! If you’re a Father, you’re probably looking forward to a well-deserved, relaxing weekend, being spoiled by the kids. Perhaps you’re hoping to spend it at the beach, having a BBQ, or a weekend-long camping trip. Whatever your plans, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what arrangements you can make with your former partner to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. Read on to find out from our child custody lawyers Brisbane, some helpful parenting arrangements you might like to consider.

If you’re recently separated, you might still be struggling to work out parenting arrangements with your former partner. It can be challenging to negotiate an arrangement that each party is happy with, especially when it comes to important holidays. However, by planning ahead of time, you can help to reduce any stress or confusion on the day.

There are many different types of parenting arrangements that parties can agree and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ plan. But to help you out, we’ve shared two popular parenting plans for Father’s Day that can help ensure that the whole family is happy over this period.

An arrangement on Father’s Day itself:

This type of parenting arrangement would involve the children getting to spend Father’s Day with you each year. For Mother’s Day, you could agree for the children to spend the day with their mother. This way, each parent gets to celebrate their respective holidays, spending quality time with the kids.

A time-sharing arrangement over Father’s Day weekend:

If both you and your former partner are wanting to spend this holiday weekend with the children, a time-sharing arrangement may be a good choice. This may involve the Mother looking after the children from 9:00am on the Saturday until 9:00am on Father’s Day. The children would then spend time with the Father from 9:00am on Father’s Day until 9:00am or before school/kindergarten on the Monday.

A variation on this option is for the children to go to their Father from say 5:00pm on Saturday so that they then wake up with their Dad on Father’s Day and can make him a sensational breakfast!  The children then return to their Mother at say 5:00pm on Father’s Day or 9:00am or before school/kindergarten on the Monday. A similar arrangement can then work for Mum for Mother’s Day.

Child Custody Lawyers Brisbane

Child Custody Lawyers Brisbane

One important consideration when choosing a parenting arrangement is to ensure that it is not too disruptive for your children and allows them the time to enjoy the day with dad on Father’s Day.

Remember too that for parenting arrangements, you may have a very informal arrangement or a parenting plan that parties agree in writing. If relations between parents are difficult and you need certainty, a court order that covers parenting arrangements may be better for you. If agreement can be reached, a consent order may be issued without the need for you to actually attend at Court.

What next?

If you are struggling to reach an agreement with your former partner for arrangements for your children, we recommend that you obtain legal advice. Our experienced team of Brisbane Family Lawyers are here to help.

We even offer a free 15-minute phone consultation, giving you tailored legal advice. So contact our experienced child custody lawyers in Brisbane today!

Our team at LGM Family Law are dedicated to helping you find an effective solution, to help you move forward in life. We have two convenient locations; Brisbane CBD and the Grange.

No matter your situation in family law, our team of Child Custody Lawyers Brisbane are here to help.

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