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Part II: Do you need a domestic violence protection order or to defend an application?

Do you need a domestic violence protection order? Or maybe you need to defend an application made against you. In Part II of our blog on this subject, we suggest help that is available, regardless of your circumstances.

Whether you are seeking the protection of a domestic violence protection order or having to defend an application made against you, you should obtain legal advice regarding your rights and the preparation of your court documents. Ideally, you will also have a lawyer representing you in the Magistrates Court where applications for domestic violence orders (known now as protection orders) are heard.

At LGM Family Law, we offer a fixed rate initial consultation where you can obtain that advice, including advice regards the document/s that will be involved in preparing your case; the issues that need to be addressed in your documents and the orders that you may expect may be made by the Magistrates Court.

Our family lawyers Brisbane and family lawyers northside have the experience to prepare the required documents and to represent you in Court. Contact us us now to book a consultation.

Having your own lawyer represent you is the best course. We recognise though that not everyone is in a position that they can have a private lawyer do their work. If that is your situation, don’t lose heart.

You may apply for legal aid from Legal Aid Queensland. Even where you may not qualify for legal aid, there are community legal services available that can provide support, without charge, for domestic violence victims as well as for someone finding themselves the subject of any allegations of domestic violence that they believe to be unjust.

The following are just some examples of the kinds of services that are available, some of them being accessible by anyone and others being targeted for the benefit of men or women only.

Community legal services accessible for all- examples only; there are many more community legal services!   

Nundah Community Legal Service is a community legal centre that provides assistance with legal issues by providing advice and referrals in most areas of law. The Service will not represent you and will refer you to another legal service or private solicitor if you require more specialised advice. You can see from their website their hours of operation, including for walk in evening consultations.

Pine Rivers Community Legal Service is a community legal service that provides general  regards what the law says in many areas of law; provide you with information giving you choices about what you can do; helps you to decide what you want to do and provides referrals to other services that may be of assistance to you in your circumstances.  See their website for what appointments may be available including walk in evening appointments.

Our firm, LGM Family Law, offers free initial advice during your first call to our firm.

For men only

DV Connect Mensline provides telephone, counselling, support and referral services for men.

For women only

DV Connect Womensline provides telephone, counselling, intervention, transport and emergency shelter for Queensland women and their children faced with a violent partner, ex partner or family member.

It is probably a function of the fact that more women than men suffer from domestic violence that there are very visible legal services provided for women only in this area such as:

Women’s Legal Service offers a help line as well as walk in in evening appointments where women can speak with a volunteer solicitor or barrister. The Service provides limited day time appointments. Advice in the area of domestic violence protection orders is available and in some cases, some assistance may be given with preparation of legal documents. See their website for full details of services provided.

Women’s Domestic Violence Court Assistance Service and Application Assistance Programme  provides assistance to all women who attend the Brisbane Magistrates Court for domestic and family violence matters. The service is available to all women whether applying for or responding to a domestic violence protection order (known also as a protection order).

Domestic Violence Prevention Workers are located on level 6, Brisbane Magistrates Court. (Phone (07) 3247 5437)

See also our Part I blog in this area.


This blog provides general information regarding examples of community services that are available. However, LGM Family Law does not warrant what services may be available at any time at the services mentioned in this blog. In order to obtain the most current information regards the services offered by the different centres and entities referred to in this blog, contact the service/entity directly.

Contact our family lawyers Brisbane or family lawyers northside. If you are a victim of domestic violence and require protection or if you need to defend an application made against you for a Protection Order, our family lawyers Brisbane and family lawyers northside have the experience to prepare your court documents and to represent you at Court. We listen carefully to your instructions and what concerns you and prepare your case accordingly.