Divorce settlement | family law property settlement

A family lawyer Brisbane is one advisor whom we recommend that you consult early on about divorce settlement following separation and parenting arrangements.  In this blog, we look at some factors that we as especially important when considering property settlement following separation.

We do however have a lot of information for you in other blogs relating to child custody and parenting orders. If that is your more pressing issue, please do go to our child custody page and child custody blogs. You are also welcome to contact our family lawyer Brisbane or family lawyer Brisbane Northside for free family law advice during your initial call with us or to arrange a fixed fee consultation.

For now, back to divorce settlement following separation.  We recommend that you download our separation checklist which provides  a list of things for you to action or consider prior to or following separation. Apart from those suggestions, we do recommend that you consult a family lawyer Brisbane as soon as possible for advice that is particular to your circumstances. It is important to know where you stand at law and to ensure that you obtain advice regards steps that you may need to take early on. For example, depending upon your situation, you may need to act to ensure that the asset pool available for property settlement following separation is preserved.

You will also want to know from a family lawyer in Brisbane what process you should follow in order to obtain a final divorce settlement or family law property settlement as soon as possible.  It is the case that the sooner you are able to obtain a final settlement, whether by court orders or a binding financial agreement, the sooner you will be able to rebuild your financial position following separation.

If you and your former partner are on fairly amicable terms and in agreement as to how your property should be divided, then a divorce settlement would normally be able to be agreed and signed by you and your former partner within some 2-4 weeks. If you are seeking consent orders, there will then be further time as the court takes to issue the orders themselves. Generally, that would involve another 2-4 weeks but it may take longer depending upon the court work load.

If there is substantial disagreement between you and your former partner, then it can take considerably longer for negotiations and you may need to be patient for final resolution through your family lawyer Brisbane.

You do of course have the option to start a court action seeking final property orders.  Your family lawyer Brisbane can advise you about a family court action. However, at LGM Family Law, we always endeavour to assist our clients to reach an amicable divorce settlement without resorting to court action. There are some cases though where court action may become necessary. It is why we urge you to consult a family lawyer Brisbane in order to understand what are the sensible options for you to consider in your particular circumstances.

Apart from divorce settlement following separation, a family lawyer Brisbane will also advise you about what claim either you or your former partner may have for payment of spousal maintenance.

Contact (Ph. 07 35063651/e: contactus@lgmfamilylaw.com.au) for advice from an experienced family lawyer Brisbane or family lawyer Brisbane Northside concerning your property settlement following separation. We will advise you regarding your options and assist you to resolve your family law issues. We aim for an amicable settlement with your former partner but if a court action does become necessary, we have the experience to represent you. You are welcome to have the benefit of free family law advice during your initial call with us or a fixed fee consultation.