Discrete Property List

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The discrete property list in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia is helping separated parties with a modest property pool who cannot reach agreement by consent. Seeking assistance from the family courts, particularly where the property pool is fairly modest, can be a lengthy process that is difficult for parties to work through.

There are some instances though, where parties need the intervention of an order from the Court to make sure their matter keeps moving towards resolution.

For parties in an increasing number of cities around Australia, the Federal Circuit Court  of Australia is rolling out the ‘Discrete Property List’.

The discrete property list is an initiative designed for parties who seek only property orders and who have a total combined asset pool of a net value of $500,000 or less including their superannuation.

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While any urgent interim matters, such as the urgent sale of a house to liquidate funds, will still be heard by a Judge, matters on the Discrete Property List are managed by a Registrar of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

The Discrete Property List will aim to ensure that:

1. Response material is filed and if necessary, that an amended initiating application is filed swiftly where the orders being sought have not been properly particularised;

2. Both parties have exchanged all documents disclosing their financial position to each other;

3. Experts are appointed to value any properties or items where the parties cannot agree on a value for those properties or items;

4. The parties are referred to dispute resolution if all of the above has been done.

If parties find themselves in the Discrete Property List, they need to be careful to take all steps to follow the Registrar’s time frames, as the Registrar has indicated that adjournments will be few and far between. Your matter will only remain on the Discrete Property List for around 90 days before being transferred into a Judge’s list for management.

The intention of the Court is that use of the discrete property list in the family court will assist with resolving disputes while minimising delay and expense for the parties.

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