Controlling legal fees in a family law matter

Controlling legal fees in a family law matter is an understandable concern that you will have when facing divorce or separation.

Recently there has been media attention about some family lawyers creating unnecessary fights and taking aggressive and combative approaches, particularly in the Sydney Registry, costing their clients significant amounts of money.

At LGM Family Law our Brisbane Divorce Lawyers and North Brisbane Divorce Lawyers are aware that our clients are concerned about controlling legal fees, particularly where they may not have a great deal in liquid assets. You may call us on 07 3506 3651 for complimentary advice as to how we will assist you in controlling legal fees when you instruct us to assist you to resolve your family law issues.

Our experienced family lawyers and divorce lawyers will ensure that you are fully aware of your current legal costs and future legal costs.  When you engage with us we will provide you with a Cost Agreement specifying how you will be charged and on what basis, whether your matter is about family law property settlement, divorce, a parenting plan, parenting order or any other family law matter.  Throughout your matter, we will provide updated fee estimates as your matter progresses and for some services, we are also fixed fee family lawyers, giving you the tools for controlling legal fees.

In order to assist you in controlling legal fees, our Brisbane Divorce Lawyers and North Brisbane Divorce Lawyers at LGM Family Law provide you with the following tips for controlling legal fees:

  1. Reply promptly to your divorce lawyer or family lawyer and don’t have them have to chase you up;
  2. If your divorce lawyer or family lawyer requests documents, organise the documents before providing them to your lawyer (if there is a substantial number of documents, ask your family lawyer how they would like to them organised before you send them)
  3. You seek advice from your divorce lawyer or family lawyer as they have the knowledge and experience to advise you. Listen to this advice and consider it.  If you don’t think its right for you, discuss your concerns with the lawyer.  You and your lawyer should not be working from cross purposes as this will lead to increased fees.
  4. Provide instructions, information and documents requested by your divorce lawyer or family lawyer in a timely manner. Don’t have your lawyer chasing you and don’t have your former partner or their lawyer chasing your lawyer.  That kind of situation drives up your costs.
  5. If you have a question for your divorce lawyer or family lawyer and it is not urgent (for example, it’s in relation to your child’s birthday in December and its February) wait until you next communicate. Sometimes it’s more cost effective to address several matters at once than with individual calls (but do call immediately if a particular matter is urgent).
  6. If your matter is about parenting, whether obtaining parenting order or a parenting plan, you should always keep in your mind what is in the best interest of the children. Don’t let any negative feelings that you may have towards your former partner affect this consideration, remember you want what is best for your kids.
  7. If your matter is about property, try to remove your feelings from the matter and consider your family law property settlement from a commercial perspective. For example: Do you really want to spend $10,000 in legal fees to achieve a further $2,500 in your favour in a family law property settlement?

Another very important way for you to go about controlling legal fees is to avoid going to family court. See our blog “Avoiding family court following separation” for further advice in this regard.

Contact our Brisbane Divorce Lawyers and North Brisbane Divorce Lawyers or call 07 3506 3651. At LGM Family Law, our divorce lawyers and family lawyers will make sure that we understand your situation. We can then assess the best way to assist you to resolve your family law issues with controlling legal fees being one of your paramount concerns. We will provide you with practical, effective family law advice aimed at assisting you to reach an amicable agreement with your former partner as soon as possible. That focus in itself will be of real assistance to you in controlling legal fees.