Christmas Following Separation

Christmas following separation family lawyers Brisbane

Christmas following separation can be a difficult time unless you have arrangements in place for your children.

The first thing to know about parenting arrangements for Christmas or any time is that you do not have to have any formal agreement for parenting arrangements after you separate.

Many people find it better though to have some agreement in writing for all parenting arrangements, including for Christmas following separation. A parenting plan will help you ensure that you and your former partner have agreed important arrangements such as the time that the children spend with each of you following separation and when each of you may call the children when they are spending time with the other parent.  However, a parenting plan is not legally enforceable.

You will need a court order if you are wanting arrangements for the children that you can enforce. An order can be obtained with the consent of both parties without the need to actually go to court.  If there is no agreement, then you would need to obtain orders from the court where a judge makes the final decision.

Arrangements for Christmas following separation would need to be made soon if you are wanting to obtain a consent order from the family court.

If you are not needing a parenting court order, we recommend writing to your former partner with your proposal for parenting arrangements for Christmas. It is important for your children that you and your former partner plan ahead so that the children can know what to expect, especially at Christmas.

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