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Parental Responsibility Family Law Act

Parental responsibility Family Law Act “Parental Responsibility” has a particular meaning in family law. When you are needing to resolve child custody issues, it is important that you understand what the term “parental responsibility” means in the context of a family law matter involving parenting issues. “Parental responsibility” Family Law Act has been defined in […]


Obtaining orders for equal shared parental responsibility

  If you live in a different country from your child, can you obtain orders for equal shared parental responsibility? The Federal Circuit Court in the case of Malone & Irwin [2018] FCCA 397 considered the question of parental responsibility. The child concerned ([X]) was around 4 years of age at the date of the […]


Parental conflict in a separated family

PARENTAL CONFLICT IN SEPARATED FAMILIES Parental conflict can be very damaging for children as well as reflecting badly upon the parent or parents contributing to the conflict when they are seeking a parenting order from the family courts. A recent article published in The Courier Mail titled “Kids pawns in custody fight” (08.07.2018) highlights a […]


Child’s name change after separation

Child’s Name Change after separation A parent may for a variety of reasons wish to obtain a child’s name change following a separation. In this blog, we explore how the family courts approach such an application. If you have issues regards a child’s name change or any child custody arrangements following separation, our Brisbane family […]


Changing a child’s surname | separation

Changing a child’s surname after parent’s separation Are you thinking of changing a child’s name after separating from the other parent? Does your former partner want to change your child’s name?  After separation or divorce , it not uncommon for a former spouse to want to revert to their maiden name. Other times, that person […]


Conflict between parents| parenting orders

CONFLICT BETWEEN PARENTS AND PARENTING ORDERS Is your child being exposed to conflict arising from your separation? During relationships and particularly in regard to parenting of children, people can have different views of what is best for their child. Whilst parents are in the relationship, they will often work together to come up with a […]


Affordable child custody lawyers and child relocation

Affordable child custody lawyers and relocation of your child overseas or interstate Are you separated and needing affordable child custody lawyers to assist you to implement binding child custody arrangements? If your former partner is a foreign national, you may be worried about your former partner  relocating your child overseas. In that situation, you will […]


Separated parents school decisions and your options

For separated parents school decisions and especially the decision as to which school your child will attend can be a difficult one. You should be aware that the decision regarding a child’s current and future education, including what school the child attends, being a major long term decision, is one which ordinarily must be made […]


Breach of a parenting order

Where your former partner is in contravention or breach of a parenting order, what can you do? You may have obtained a parenting order for living arrangements for your children but then find that your former partner has committed a breach of a parenting order, whether in failing to care for the children over the […]


Effect of abusive conduct by a parent on living arrangements for children

What is the effect of abusive conduct by a parent on living arrangements for children? Is your partner engaging in intimidating or abusive conduct towards you? Are they denigrating you in front of your children or undermining your children’s relationship with you?  Or are they trying to coerce your children into expressing certain views about […]