How long does it take to obtain a property settlement? Find out from the Property Settlement Brisbane Lawyers.

Considering obtaining a property settlement? Wondering how long it will take? Find out from the Property Settlement Brisbane Lawyers. 

Property Settlement Brisbane

Property Settlement Brisbane Lawyers

There is no precise answer to this question as the time it takes will depend upon a number of factors, including how willing you and your former partner are to negotiate a settlement and how long it takes for parties to provide the necessary information as well as financial documents that each party must give the other party.

If you and your former partner have already agreed how the property pool will be divided and can quickly provide the required information and documents, we find that it generally takes from 3-6 months to finalise a property settlement.

If no agreement can be reached and it becomes necessary to bring an Application for property settlement before the Court, the time involved will likely be considerably longer. This is so unless a final settlement is agreed soon after the action is started. You should bear in mind that you and your former partner may still reach an agreement and finally settle property, bringing any legal action to an end.

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